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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dressing Up

I hate to dress up. If I were a size two. it would probably be more fun. Since I don't have to dress up, I dress for exercise class and for comfort. I consider myself very lucky. I just hope people don't think I'm a homeless woman. Poor Raggedy is all put together now but she is naked. I embroidered her heart. She needs some clothes. I discovered the pattern I had out for her is for a 36 inch size doll. So I went digging again and found the pattern with her size in it. She is about 15 inches tall. My goal today is to make her dress. It is a very simple pattern and the the dress is just one piece. I should make it my goal to get all of her clothes done but I know I will be tempted to stitch instead. I looked up instructions on how to do her hair. That is going to be a bit tedious. Making a template and wrapping yarn around it and stitching down the middle sounds like the easiest way. Sewing each loop by hand - no way.
I stitched a ship on the pearls page of Button Lover's Brag Book. I love it! I hope to get to the mermaid today. Her waist is too thin, I'm going to put some weight on her.
I also finished off the cover of A Spot in the Mountains. It is so cute. Now to start the bargello on the back. That will be fun too.
It is another rainy, rainy day. Still waiting to hear from Joe the contractor.


  1. I love your stitching, it looks great.

  2. Well done! I look forward to seeing Raggedy Ann and the promised mermaid

  3. Hi Amy - how great to see all your pieces in progress - looking great!
    Good to see that you are up in 14 followers now too; many congratulations!

    Did I tell you that I am that I am taking the Blue Ribbon class with Sherri in March? I got the kit in the mail today and I am sooo excited. Too bad that I have a full-time job and a bunch of volunteer commitments on my free time, or I would stitch for 6 weeks straight! :-)