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Friday, October 7, 2011

An Autumn Friday

It is a beautiful day here. Warm and sunny. You can't often say that. I finished the stitching part of the Lucet holder. I have to do a chain stitch around the outside of all four pieces, then I can start putting it together. But of course I have to make the Lucet braid. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me and if I can get into the groove and whip it out. The flat braid is harder than the regular.
I am anxious to start on "A Spot in the Mountains". It looks like it will be so fun to do. And next weekend I am going to The Button Brag Book class. How did I get so lucky?
Jenny, who I met at class last weekend, finished her Hare Pyns and it looks so beautiful. Her blog is Check it out.
My goals for today: Finish all the chain stitching around the Lucet holder, quilt one square, look at the Spot in the Mountains kit and figure out where to start. My goals should be: wash the kitchen floor, vacuum and do something with those apples I bought two weeks ago.
The tile for the kitchen is supposed to be in today. I'm waiting for the call to go pick it up.


  1. Hi Amy - your stitching looks beautiful, have your needles been smoking much lately!? ;-)
    I don't think that you need to chain-stitch around all 4 pieces, only the two pocket pieces. At least that is how I interpreted the instructions.
    So, I assume that all your lucet cord is done now? LOL
    Take care and talk with you in a bit - happy stitching!

  2. Lucet cording takes ages to do doesn't it. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed piece.
    Good luck with the tiles

  3. Hi Amy!

    Nice to meet you, I'm a Jenny's follower and now I'm yours too :D

    Your stitching looks great, I want to see how it looks like when finished.

    Have a good day.

  4. How kewl to have a lucet holder (stitched) for your own lucet. That is awesome!