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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost in Detroit

I had a great time at class yesterday. But getting there was not easy! The best time to drive to Detroit is very early in the morning. There wasn't much traffic and it was kind of fun to see it slowly get light. But being the ninny that I am, I took the wrong exit off the highway. Technically I was lost in Novi as opposed to Detroit. Thanks goodness for the street names. Knowing I had to get to 9 Mile helped me figure out where I was. After a wrong turn (or two), I finally got to class a mere 5 minutes before it was supposed to start. Whew!
I love being presented with a lovely complete kit. The project will be so much fun to stitch. It doesn't look that hard to put together. I was surprized that several people didn't put in a stitch. One didn't want to work on folded fabric. What? I can understand that some people don't like to stitch in a group setting, they want quiet so they can concentrate and not make mistakes. There was a nice lunch that I was very grateful for. I met some nice people and saw some very neat projects. I learned a lot about buttons too.
The drive home wasn't too bad but boy, was I tired. The gas light came on just as I was pulling into the garage. I would have been in a panic if it had come on while I was on the highway. I'll be glad not to have to drive over there until next month.
I finished the baby quilt. I'm glad I got it done but it isn't outstanding. It's just regular. I still need to make lucet cord. I guess I'm avoiding it as I am afraid it won't turn out as nice as I want it to. I should just try, right?
I got my little dog done. He is so cute. I guess I want to do the cabin next.
The bathrooms are clean. I have to get gas and go to Target before I am ready to sit and stitch.

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  1. Oh Amy, did you panic just a little when you got lost? I would have. Pleased that you enjoyed the class - but it does seem amazing to go to a class and not put in a stitch. They must have good memories to be able to do it all when they get home!
    have a good day