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Sunday, November 1, 2015

On To York

Our poor bus driver has to pack all of 43 people's luggage in the luggage compartment on the bus.  It is quite a task.  We are saying goodbye to Edinburgh today.  I was just getting used to being here.  Yesterday as we were passing a retro candy store, Janet made me (!) go in.  She knows how much I like candy.  I got some candy for DH and some for me.  It was fun seeing the different candies they had.  It was my last chance to get some before leaving today.

First we are going to Auckland Castle.  There is a display of this lady's lifetime of stitching church garments.  She is somehow connected to the Guy Fawkes.   She is either his daughter or a daughter of a co-conspiriter. This is the first time all her stitching has been shown together.  When you see the crude tools she had to work with, her delicate work is amazing.  We are here for just an hour.  That is plenty of time to see this lady's things.  There is a lovely rose garden as you go in.

Off we go to the Bowes Museum.  It is a large French Chateau built to be a museum.

 We are having lunch there.  It is a very nice lunch. I wasn't real sure what I was eating.

 The Bowes is a large museum.  It is known for this large silver swan that every day at 2 p.m. moves.  So everyone gathers around to see it.  I am short and can't see a thing so I watch a video of what is going to happen and go off to look at other stuff in the museum.  This is opening day at the museum for an exhibit of Yves Saint Laurent retrospective in the textile gallery.  We have tickets!  So we get to see a very interesting exhibit of his dresses as well as other textiles and embroideries on display.  It is hard to get a chance to photograph the embroideries as they are in a corner.  There are lots of things to see in this museum.
This is the view from the front door:

Then it is time to get back on the bus and go to York.  We get to York and the hotel.  Our room is a bit smaller here but it is fine.

 We are only here two nights.  Janet and I walk down to the local grocery store and she gets something to eat for dinner.  I'm going to Betty's Tea Room with the group later.  There is a pub across the street from the hotel and just out our room's window.  The insulation is very good as we don't hear any noise from the pub.  Leslie-Ann has been sitting outside the hotel and tells us she has never seen so many drunk people.  Well I guess that what happens on a Saturday night.  I am brave enough to walk over to Betty's Tea Room with Sharon.  There are young people everywhere.  This is a happening town.  First we go into the store side of Betty's and see all the delicious looking confections.

 We find that our group is in a private room upstairs.  I wish we were having tea but we get a dinner buffet.

 This is one of the ladies serving dinner.

 A local lady is here who is a casketeer and has brought some of her stitching to show.  She makes Japanese thimbles.  It is fun to see them up close.  I've always wanted to make one.  One of these days I'm going to.
Sharon and I make our way back to the hotel.  What a day!


  1. Sounds like you got to see more lovely needleworks.The chocolate shop looks wonderful! love Annette

  2. There are lots of complaints about hen and stag parties getting drunk in York at weekends. Shame. York is lovely.