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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Yesterday BFF#2 and I drove over to a cross stitch class.  I have been working hard these last two weeks to get all the stitching done.  I spent the class time finishing up stuff I forgot to put in or overlooked on the project.  It was fun.  I am glad that I didn't add to the pile of stuff to do but actually have it finished.  It isn't perfect.  The wood piece that was part of this class is just beautiful.  Of course, I changed some things.  Now I have to make room for it in one of the curios.

Now I am back to stuff that I was working on before the tour.  Sharon had much more done on Harmony than I did. It was great to see what hers looked like.  Now I am trying to catch up to her.
I am embroidering the front of harmony.  The leaves come next.

This is where I am on the Mermaid Tapestry.  I'm still worried about her hair.

Yesterday I took this Catherine Theron biscornu with me to work on.  I worked a bit on this when I was on the plane going to and from the tour.
I have a few petals done on the pansy kit.  I couldn't find it to take a photo today.  Maybe tomorrow!


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog - it's one of my very favourites. It has made me look at the courses on thistle threads with interest. Don't stop blogging!