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Monday, November 9, 2015


It is now Sunday and our plans for today are to go to the V & A.  Janet has stuff she wants to see and do there and so do I.  I love the location of our hotel because we can just walk there.  When we passes the Dead Animal Zoo this weekend the lines were horrendous.  We are hoping that it isn't too busy at the V & A today.  We get right in but anyone with a bag is checked.  There are two special exhibitions on this weekend.  One is about shoes (right up my alley) and the other is fabric of India.  I get a ticket for the shoes, Janet gets a ticket for the India fabric.  Janet shows me where the 17th century displays are.  We have to see the most famous of caskets, the one made by Martha Edlin.  To see what this little girl did at eleven years old is amazing.

 Then I spot the flame pin cushion that was inside her casket.  Hey, that is just like the first kit that Fearless leader gave us.  Now it means even more knowing that it is just like the one Martha made for her casket.  We saw Martha's sampler too.

Also amazing.  In one of our behind the scenes tours we have seen the other things that were in her casket.  She made a little swan that was so cute.  I have already made another pin cushion she made when I took the first Cabinet of Curiosities class.  There were other embroideries to see too.  The Layton Jacket was there.
The courtyard at the V & A:

I went to the shoes exhibit.  It was hot because so many people were in there.  It was a little hard to see everything because of all the people.  I am not thrilled to see somebody famous's Nike tennis shoes.  But there were many interesting shoes on display.  I wanted to see some of Elton John's shoes.  But it was fun to go.  There were people sitting on stools and drawing in one of the rooms.  There was a full size copy of the statue of David.   Next to David were these two huge columns:

 The store at the V & A was really busy.  It had some nice designer jewelry but not for my budget.  I was supposed to meet Janet for lunch.  At first we said noon in the cafe.  Then we changed it to 12:30 in the lobby in front of the shop.  Well, I didn't remember that we changed the place.  So I'm waiting in the cafe.  No Janet.  Well, she must be busy or something.  After about 15 minutes I go ahead and eat.  I love eating in the William Morris designed dining room.  It is really over the top.

 There were some exotic choices to eat.  Unfortunately, I'm not very exotic when it comes to things I like to eat.  I spent another hour or so looking at stuff at the V & A.  Then I decide to go back to the hotel.  I am museumed out.  I am really embarrassed when Janet gets back to the hotel and I realize that I was waiting in the wrong place.  I'm an idiot!  Sorry Janet!  Janet is very forgiving and it is all fine.

This is the day that the Rugby semi-finals are being held in London.  Janet and I go in search of a pub to have dinner in.  We find one and get some fish and chips.  The fish and chips are so freshly made that they are too hot to eat.  I am thirsty and on the way home we try to stop at a small grocery store.  The line is terribly long, so forget that.  We go to a Burger King instead.  I can't believe how many Subways and KFCs and Burger Kings I have seen here in the UK.  They are all over the place.  I do manage to get a drink but the service is terrible.  They only have orange flavored coke.  Ugh.  Whatever.
Tomorrow we have plans for more shopping.  It will be our last day in London.

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  1. Wow, that casket is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing all of the pics.