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Friday, November 13, 2015


I have been working on my pre-stitching for two weeks now.  The class is tomorrow and I am all done.  I'm sorry but I can't show you.

I stretched my trinket box using the Evertite stretcher bars and wetting the stitching.  It turned out fine.  I put some batting under the stitching.  I pasted the paper on the back.  Two small comments made on the tour helped me with this.  The Bookbinder corrected me when I said I was hesitant to "glue" stitching.  She said " Paste - not glue".  That made me think.  I had been equating the two but glue is not paste, and conversely, paste is not glue.  Then Fearless Leader said "Once you have the paper on the background fabric, you can work with it just like it was paper.  I had been worried that the fabric would ravel on the edge.  But when the special Hobart paper is pasted to it, there is no problem with raveling.  In fact when I pasted the paper on the back of my stitching, it reminded me of a thin leather.  That's how sturdy it felt.  I should have let the paper backed stitching dry longer.  But when I pasted it to the trinket box, I put some heavy books on top and let it dry a long time.  I'm happy with how it looks.  Now the next part is to put edging around the stitching.  I started that yesterday.  I was less afraid to mess things up (thank you Victoria for the encouragement!).  So this is where I stand today.

I am reusing the edging I put on the first time as it is quite expensive.  I have the other three sides to go.  I was so brave!  I totally dunked the edging in the paste and put it on.  I used rubber bands to hold it in place while it dried.
I finished off the flame stitched pin cushion.  I wondered if I needed cording around the edge but I think it looks fine.

Since my stitching class is tomorrow, I won't be posting.  I will be gone for the day.  BFF#2 is going with me.  Road trip time!


  1. You have learnt a lot of new techniques haven't you. Well done. The results will look splendid I'm sure.

  2. I'm just catching up with your London trip and subsequent posts. These two pieces are exquisite. Enjoyed your trip journal very much ! Mel