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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Last Day of the Tour

How can it be the last day of the tour?  It went so fast.  We are going to Windsor Castle and the Museum of London.  It is a long drive to get to Windsor.  I am very excited to see another castle.

Security is tight and the lines are long.  There are a bunch of Japanese tourists in front of us.

 As we are waiting a guy on a horse comes by.  He is training the horse not to be afraid of people.  His horse is a Clydesdale.

We are finally admitted to the castle grounds but it is a walk to get to security and through security on into where the castle is.  I follow the crowd around to the state apartments.  We are seeing Queen Mary's doll house first.  It is very dim and hard to see and there are a lot of people.  We are hoping to see a special casket in the King's Dining Room.  Our tour guide is a former policeman and worked at the castle (he handed out keys) at one time.  So he is able to get us beyond the ropes to see the casket up close.  It is the one with a stumpwork garden on top.  We are allowed to go behind the ropes in small groups and see the casket up close.  A guard turns the acrylic case all around so we can see the back and sides too.  This was a real highlight of the tour.

 The grounds of the castle are beautiful.

I'm not sure what else to see.  St. George's Chapel is closed today as they are getting ready for some ceremony.

There is a military band playing.
 Janet and I go to a candy store as we are leaving the castle.

There is quite a selection of goodies.  I get some souvenirs.

Then we are on the bus for the drive to the Museum of London which is in the financial district.  The bus driver gives a tour of the sights in London.  I get to see all the famous places: the tower of Big Ben, the Parliment buildings, the Thames, the big ferris wheel.  We get to the Museum of London.  They have some nice displays.  We get to go behind the scenes and see the embroidery not on display.  We have seen at least 24 17th Century caskets on this tour..  Wow.
This is the last day of the tour but Janet and I have three more days here in London before we go home.  There are a few more adventures to come!