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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On to Oxford - Sort Of

Here is one of the meranges that I bought yesterday:
This is the Cath Kidson stuff I bought.  I love stuff with flowers on it.

It is now Monday and we are checked out of our York hotel and on the bus.  Going to Oxford?  Not yet.  First we are driving over near Liverpool to the town of Port Sunlight.  It was built for the employees of the Lever Soap.  It is a lovely engineered community.

In the midst of this community is the Lady Lever Museum.

 This is a beautiful museum where there is a very nice sculpture room.  There is a fashion display.  Maree and Cheryl are enjoying seeing one of their favorite artist's paintings, Edward Burne Jones.  It is great to see some of these paintings in person.  Again we get to go to the Education room and see embroideries not on display.  Up close and personal, we take many photos.
We eat in a quaint cafe in the museum.
Outside of the museum is a huge gorgeous rose garden.  It is a very nice day for taking a walk among the roses.

There is another small museum across the street.  It is the Port Sunlight Museum and Garden Village.  I get a souvenir bar of pear soap there.

Then we are back on the bus for the trip to Oxford. The English countryside:

 It is dark when we arrive.  Grace is waiting for us.  She lives nearby and knows several people on the tour.  We decide to eat in the hotel as we aren't close enough  to town to walk anywhere.  At least 9 or 10 of us eat together.  It is fun seeing Leslie-Ann's drawings for her casket and hearing the stories behind it.  The waitress is a nincompoop and can't manage to get any of the bills right.  English is not her first language.  Whatever.
Still, it is another fantastic day.


  1. Keep The pics and stories coming Amy, I sure am enjoying them.

  2. Am loving reliving the trip with you Amy!