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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


When I went to a class this last weekend.  I took my new gadget with me.  It is a Luci light.

  It is solar powered and small and light so it fits in my sewing bag very well.

It lasted about 6 hours.  I thought these lights were so cool that I got one for DH too.  I've been waiting for the electricity to go out so I could see how it worked.  Of course the electricity hasn't gone out so I've been wanting an opportunity to use it.
You blow it up.

 It has three settings: low light, brighter light and flashing light and off.

 It worked pretty well and you can manipulate it to get the light directed where you want. You can lay it on it's side if you want.

 It also has a handle on top so you could hang it like in a tent when you are camping.  I never go camping.  I'm a princess and princesses need full bathroom facilities available at all times.


  1. Very interesting product, Amy! It looks lightweight and very packable!