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Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunday In York

Today is an easy day.  We just have to show up at Bedern Hall at 1:30 for a lecture and an Embroidery Workshop.  What are we making?  We have no idea.  Sunday morning in York is totally different than Saturday evening in York.  It is a bit foggy and very few people are out on the street.  Janet and I want to see York Minster. It is a nice walk there.

 They are getting ready for Sunday Services.  We are able to just go into York Minster and look around.  They have more than one place to have services.

 Outside you can hear the bells ringing but inside it is quiet.  I don't know how that is possible.
It is quite an enormous church.
We walk over to where the Embroidery Workshop and lecture is going to be held so that we know where it is.
Then it is time to find an ATM and get some money because we are going shopping!  The stores open at eleven.  I think there is a rule that they can't open before eleven on Sunday.  We can walk around a Marks and Spencer store but can't check out before eleven.  I find some good stuff there.  We see a button shop that looks interesting.  They have some great ribbon in the front window that says "Made in Britain" and has a crown on it.  Unfortunately the store  is all out of that ribbon.  Rats.  I get a few buttons.  We run across the most darling candy store.  And they have chocolate covered orange peel.  My favorite!

I buy some meranges.  Some humongous meranges.  I end up shewing on those for about four days!
Because it is Sunday and we are in York, Janet says we have to have the standard Sunday dinner which is roast and Yorkshire pudding.  We find a pub that looks good and that's just what we have.

What I thought were potatoes are parsnips.  Much to my surprise, they are good.
After eating it is time to head over to the lecture and workshop.  Mary Brooks is our speaker and she has written books and is an expert on 17th century embroidery.  She give a very interesting talk.  Everyone gasps when she reveals that an x-ray of some embroidery shows that an actual bird skeleton was used to form a bird embroidery.

Then it is time for the Embroidery Workshop.  Look at what we get to make!  We saw something very much like this at one of the museums we went to.
It is made with the special braided thread Fearless Leader had made.  Wow.  This will be so much fun to make.  On the way back to the hotel, I see a Cath Kidson store.  I must get something!  I find a tape measure and some tea towels (on sale).  I put me card into pay for them.  Unfortunately, it is the wrong card.  It is the card to my hotel room.  It messes up the card thing and I end up having to paying cash.  But then I'm worried that my Visa card doesn't work.  Whatever.  What a busy day!

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