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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last Day

Now we are up to my last day in London.  It is Monday and we are going shopping.  We intend to go to Oxford Street again.  At breakfast I ask Victoria Laine questions on how to fix my trinket box top.  She says to stretch it on a frame, wet it and let it dry.  Then put the special paper on the back.  That's what I'm going to do when I get home.  I wish I had her email address so I could ask her stuff anytime.

So first off we go to a fabric store that we can walk to from our hotel.  It is Shaukat Fabrics.  They boast that they have the biggest selection of Liberty Fabrics.  I think they are right.  Janet and I find some good stuff.  There is one fabric that is like the Jacket project that Fearless Leader did.  I'm on the lookout for that.  I find it and it is a small print.  Janet thinks she can fashion some doll clothes out of it.
 Here is my stash:

Then we decide that we want to go to the bookbinders.  (I actually forget if we went there Saturday or Monday).  It is very near the Victoria Station tube stop.  It is very interesting to see what the bookbinders has.  There are lots of hand marbled papers.  I find some fabric that is paper backed.

  I wonder if I can use that on the front of my casket drawers.  Janet get some leather pieces and I copy her and get some too.   You never know when you will need a piece of leather!

 I find some edging ribbon that might work on my trinket box and a couple of other papers.

For some reason we happen to talk about this toy shop.  Janet says it is at Covent Garden.  It has a place to get some souvenir t-shirts that I'm looking for.  So we go there.

It is a very interesting place.  We find a wonderful paper store.  I get a marbled paper covered box to go in my casket.  I pay too much but I love it.

I also get a a pencil that has marbling on it.  Cool.

The toy store is hard to find but we get there.  It is very fun to see what they have.  Janet collects little theaters and they have lots.  I buy an Alice in Wonderland one that I need to color and some other small treasures.

I thought this was a top but I can't make it work.  Maybe it is broken.

 I got this sweet music box.

I got another blouse at Marks & Spencers.  I like that store.  It has interesting clothes.
We eat lunch at Selfridges.  It is a pretty cool store.  I get a birthday cupcake.  Yum.

   We are shopped out and go back home.  I think we will eat in the lounge tonight and I can try and use up my English money.
What fun to shop all day!  Early tomorrow we leave.  It really has been a trip of a lifetime.


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  2. Amy, try just spinning the top, it probably isn't the sort that you press down on. I have so enjoyed hearing all about your trip and have walked some of the same footsteps as you, but have not been to Liberty's or the V & A, nor of course have I seen all the caskets. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the UK and hope you will come again.

  3. Looks like you visited some great places on your last day.