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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I have wanted to visit Bath for many years.  I can't believe I'm actually getting to go there.  We are going to visit two museums in the area.  The Holburn and the Museum of Fashion.  I am in group #4 which means I have to be at the Hoburn at noon to see behind the scenes stuff and I have to be at the Museum of Fashion at 4:15 to see their stuff.  Otherwise, I am free to roam about Bath.  I'm so glad Janet has been here before.  She tells me where to go and how to get there.  She shows me where she stayed last summer when she went to the Bath Summer School.

When you drive into Bath you are struck by the distinctive color of the buildings.

They are built of "Bath stone" which is quite yellow.  This was (and is) a vacation area.  You can just feel Jane Austen all around you.  We get off the bus at the Holburn Museum.
 There was a guy playing in one of the galleries.  It was charming.  He was practicing for some event.

 I enjoyed going through the museum.  I went down to the cafe and had a blueberry muffin and some tea.

  The cafe looks out on a walking path.  It was lovely.

 After eating, I went for a walk in back of the museum.  Now this is a little weird.  But when I went out I felt such serenity and calm in this area.  It was wonderful.  I've never felt a place like this before.

Janet showed me that I could just walk down from the museum to shopping.

Janet was going with another friend to the Doll museum so I was on my own.  Besides shopping I was looking for the Jane Austen Museum.  She lived in several different places around Bath on and off for about 8 to 10 years.  A couple of her novels take place here.  I loved learning about Jane.  I'm a big fan.

I met up with Janet and we went looking for some stores she was interested in.  The one thing I wish I had bought was at a store in Bath.  It was a pillow kit of old fabrics.
I never did find the Roman Baths as I was too busy shopping.  It was getting late and I had to high-tail it to the Fashion Museum for my group at 4:15.  This is the Fashion Museum.

There was a lot to see in Bath and I think I need to go back someday.  I want to see the Roman baths, I want to buy that pillow kit,  I want to see the building where the Bath Summer School is held, I want to go to the Doll Museum.  I especially want to go back to the Holburn and take that walk behind the building and feel that serenity.


  1. You've reminded me how lucky I am to live in Bath. The Bath stone looks particularly good in Autumn. It catches the yellowing light. One day is not enough to see Bath. What was the pillow kit you liked? Can you remember which shop it was in? Karen in Bath.

  2. So very awesome! I enjoyed seeing what I have read about in Jane's books.

  3. Thanks for sharing more pics Amy.
    I'm enjoying the tour. :)