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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Going to Glasgow

Today we are going to Glasgow to see the Burrell Museum.  Again we eat in the hotel restaurant with a view of Edinburgh Castle.  What a way to start the day!  Our trip will take us a couple of hours north of Edinburgh.  Two great things happen on the way to Glasgow.  The bus driver found my FitBit on the bus and I get it back.  Yeah!  Then when we get on the bus, Fearless Leader gives us a kit.  I love it.  It is a flame stitch pin cushion.

We make a pit stop to use bathrooms along the way.  It is a beautiful place filled with plants and a little cafe.

While I am there I have a chance to ask Amy Mitten about "Diligence".  She gives me a hint to what it might be.  Fun.

The tour guide tells us about the patron saint of Glasgow, St. Mungo.  There are symbols relating to St. Mungo's miracles on street lights all around Glasgow.

The bird that never flew
The tree that never grew
The bell that never rang
The fish that never swam

We get to the museum.  I have time to look around before it is my group's turn to see caskets up close and personal.  There are some very nice embroideries on display.  They have some rooms filled with William Morris furniture and designs.  I love William Morris stuff.  The museum shop is filled with good stuff and I buy a bunch.

 A girl I noticed at breakfast for her pretty dress comes up and introduces herself.  She and her sister are on the tour (the youngest ones here) and they read my blog.  I am thrilled.  Maree and Cheryl are from  half way around the world: New Zealand.  Maree is an expert in Or Nue. She has photos of her work.  She does amazing things.  Can you believe Marilyn Manson in Or Nue??  It was truely amazing.
We get to go behind the scenes to see embroidery that is not on display.  Fantastic.  I'm not showing photos of the caskets because there are rules and papers to sign and restrictions on what you can do with your photos.  I have a treasure trove of photos to help me decide what I want on my caskets.

There is a path up to a house near the museum.  I try to walk up to the house but it is too far and I have to turn around and go back so I don't miss the bus.  I get some nice walking in though.
The Burrell is a very nice museum.  Glasgow looks like a very nice city.
On the bus ride back to the hotel, we see some sights like Stirling Castle.
But our day is not done.  We have a little while to freshen up before going to Prestonhouse for a Spirit of Scotland Dinner and entertainment.  A piper is playing as we go in.

 There is music and dancing and a presentation of the Haggis.  We each get an appetizer of Haggis.  It wasn't bad.  The food is really good and the entertainment is fun.

 At one point Fearless Leader and Master Cabinetmaker join those dancing.  Very funny.  What a nice way to end our stay in Edinburgh.  Tomorrow we check out of the hotel and are on more adventures.  What a day it has been!  This is my souvenir from our hotel.



  1. I bet you are having the time of your life.
    How cool to meet someone from another country that reads your blog!

  2. I am enjoying your trip secondhand. Wish I was there.

  3. Your museum gift shop purchases are so very awesome!

  4. Another great day seeing caskets. Love the kit that was given to you and all your lovely shop purchases. love Annette

  5. Having followed maree's blog while she was on the tour am really enjoying your postings about the tour