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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Getting There

I worked on putting the Mermaid Purse together.  I found some darker colored dupioni silk for the back. It looks less drab in real life.

 So I sewed the front and back together.  Then I sewed the twisted cording all around the front and sewed the purse frame onto the purse.  I'll have to get some chain for the purse handle.

 I found a perfect color of ultrasuede for the lining.

 I have to finish sewing the cord to the top of the back.  Then I'll fit the lining to the inside.  And ta-dah! it will be done.  I love it.

I also finished up the fourth panel on Elizabethan Eights and started the fifth which is bargello.

I saw a photo of Betsy Morgan's new design, Bristol Sampler Sewing Bag, on her website, Willing Hands.  I'm hoping that will be the project for Spring Fling for next year.
Time is going too fast!  It is only five days until I go on the tour.  My roommate is already there enjoying estra time in Edinburgh.  I'll be there soon!

1 comment:

  1. This is just too darn cute.
    You did a great job on it.