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Sunday, October 4, 2015


I got a nice surprise in the mail - the purse frames I have been waiting for.  So while I was coloring my hair last night I read the finishing directions.  Then I realized that I forgot something else on the Mermaid Purse.  She is supposed to have a pearl necklace.  I have some seed pearls somewhere.  Could I fine them?  Nope.  So I settled for seed beads.

 Then I went stash diving to find some dupioni silk for backing  the purse.  This is a nice color. The computer may not show that it is a light aqua.

 I thought I should wait until I have better light to decide if this is too light or not.  I literally found some thread on the floor of my sewing room that had no tag so I didn't know it's color number.  But it looked like a good choice for the twisted cording that goes around the edge of the purse.

The directions say to line the purse with light ultrasuede.  I didn't know there was a "light" ultrasuede unless she means a light color.  I'm not sure I have enough cream color ultrasuede for the lining so I may have to go to the store.

I got three purse frames.  (If you know me, you'll understand)  So I have the choice of these two for Off With Her Head.

I think I like the more ornate one.

I'm not really in a finishing mood but we'll see what gets accomplished today.
The days are going fast, 8 days until the tour.


  1. I think the ornate one looks great.
    These are just so darn cute.

  2. The purses are so beautiful. I also like the more ornate one for Off with Her Head.