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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sea Heather

Deciding on colors is so hard!  Some people are really good at it.  I think Thea Dueck of Victorian Sampler has a knack for picking colors.  I know I'm not really good at it.  I also know that color makes a world of difference in whether I like something or not.  I am changing the colors of the Quaker Bag.  I am starting a new large motif and I wasn't sure what to go with.  I thought very light pink.  So I started it but didn't like it.  It was very hard to stitch because it was hard to see.  So I thought I'd take that out and try a cream.  Maybe that would show up better.  Nope.

So I was looking around at threads that were handy.  One of my favorite color threads is Gloriana Sea Heather.  So I tried that.  I can see it so much better.  I like the colors in it.  I think it will do.

Then I was looking at Elizabethan Eights.  I am not wild about the colors.  Then I saw that the colors had been changed.  The photo reference page showed a much lighter blue on the third panel.  I like that better.  So I took our the very dark blue and put in Sea Heather instead.  Much better.

I got a bit of the lower right corner done on the Big Mermaid.  It is coming along but very slowly.

A friend is stopping by this afternoon to see my stitching.  I love showing it off.  Fun.
11 days until the tour.


  1. The blue looks nice, shows up more,
    The big Mermaid will be so pretty when all of the colors are filled in.