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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


My photos have been just terrible lately.  I didn't know why.  I'm not very tech savvy so adjusting my camera is always challenging.  I made the picture bigger for DH to photograph his soccer team.  But when I went to readjust to a smaller size again I goofed up the exposure.  I wanted to show you my progress on the Quaker Bag and Elizabethan Eights.  This is my first photo of the Quaker Bag center:
I thought the photo was bad because it was over cast outside.  But then I messed around with the settings and got this instead:
It is a bit light.  I think I need to make another adjustment back to "0" .  At least you can see it better.
Here are the two photos of the Sea Heather motif:

Here is panel four of Elizabethan Eights:

I changed the color of the pearl cotton from a cream color to 927.
I'm going to start packing today.  Six days to go!


  1. The Sea heather is pretty, and I love the Carnation motif.
    Great 8's!

  2. Have a wonderful trip Amy. Looking forward to a full report from you when you return!