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Sunday, October 11, 2015


I am almost ready for my tour.  There are things you have to do at the last minute.  In an hour I'm getting my hair done.  The last few clothes I want to pack are in the washer.  I worry about taking too much stuff and too large a suitcase.  We'll see how it all works out.  I am so edgy that I can hardly stitch.  I even went through stuff on a closet shelf last night cleaning out what I'll will never do.  That's how my nervous energy has afftected me.  If I got nervous more often, my sewing room would be a lot cleaner.

I worked on the rose petal.

 The first half is not very good but now I think I'm getting the hang of it.  I wanted to see if it was one of those things that takes forever.  But it doesn't.  It's going pretty fast.

 There is still a cornflower casket keepsake that I have never finished.  One of these days I'll get back to it.

I got just a bit more done on a large motif on the Quaker Bag.  As usual, I stitched and then ripped and stitched again.

I saw 11 wild turkeys and at least 6 deer when I walked this morning.  I wonder if I'll be able to walk while I'm on tour.  I'm taking my Fitbit just in case.
One more day!!


  1. Amy, Hope you have a brilliant time on your tour. I'm sure you will be able to fit in plenty of walking wherever you happen to be. Enjoy!!

  2. Quaker bag is looking great.
    I hope you have safe trip and have lots of fun!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful trip, I look forward to reading your "travel diary" It is always very inspiring to read about your trips Sincerely Dorte

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