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Monday, September 28, 2015

You Can't Buy Momentum

I worked on four different projects yesterday.  Each one had a little problem to be worked out.

I decided to put in a few more stitches and hopefully finish off a motif on the Quaker Bag.  I found the Gloriana Pacific Blue and threaded up my needle.  Then I realized that wasn't the color I needed.  I had decided to use leftover threads from a BrightNeedle project for the Quaker Bag.  "Leftover" isn't really correct because I haven't finish this particular BrightNeedle Ladies Collection kit.  But there looked to be way more threads than I would need.  I also have the numbers of the silk so if I run out, I can get some more.  So then I had to find that thread card.  Then I had to find the instructions and the charts.  No wonder I haven't worked on this for a while.  But when I started stitching and it went very well.  I finished the motif I was working on.  Yeah!  Then I went on to a couple more motifs.  I started the backstitching around the edge.  I think I could really stitch this thing!  I will be very encouraged after I get this main piece done.  I so admire Marilyn for getting her Quaker Bag all done.  I'm hoping my color changes look okay.  So far, so good.  I've got some momentum going.

Then I decided that I didn't like the Big Mermaid's hair.  It looked too stripey.  I tried several colors.  And took them out again.  I settled on Chamomile and 3863 instead of the recommended colors. There is still a lot more to stitch on her hair.

 We'll see how this all works out.  I am filling in the sky.  It would be great to get that one corner filled in.

 Then I could build on that.  I really want to see what one of her scales looks like.  That's my goal for today.

I walked this morning and the weather was perfect.  The bathrooms are clean.  My mental countdown has begun.  Two weeks from today I go on The Tour!  My trip of a lifetime!  I am very excited and a bit scared too.


  1. I love your mermaid piece ~ very gorgeous.

  2. So looking forward to meeting up with you in Oxford!

  3. Quaker bag is looking pretty.
    The mermaid looks tedious, but will be so very pretty when done.