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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good Mail

I got the kit and pattern that I ordered off of Etsy yesterday.  What fun!  I wanted to try a small project with wools.  When I went on The Sweet Trip, I bought a couple of quilt patterns that use wool.  But I wanted to see how it went with something small.  So the Etsy order was perfect for that.  Here is what I got:

This is a kit to make a tape measure cover.  I wasn't sure if it included any wool.  It did not but that's okay because I bought a bunch on my trip.

Then I got a pattern for these eggs:

I really liked the bird one.  This is one of three patterns the shop owner offered for felt eggs.  I brt you could adapt the designs for the tape measure cover as well.

You know I just had to start the tape measure cover.  I had to decide what colors to use.  Then I traced the felt shapes on the paper side of the Heatn'Bond Lite.  But, Duh, when you iron the Heatn'Bond onto the felt, guess what?  The lines disappear.  Good grief.  I should have seen that coming.  Then I reread the instructions.  They are a bit confusing since she says to iron on the Heatn'Bond but then adds later that she just bastes the shapes on.  She talks about the assembly before talking about the decorative stitching so I'm not sure of the order she is recommending.  I'll just do it my way and learn as I'm going along.  So I'm still working out how this should be done.  Then I got lazy.  I didn't want to buttonhole stitch the shapes that had been bonded on, I wanted to do the decorative stitching.  So I did.  Then I went back and sewed the shapes on.  A bit backassward.  Anyway, here I am now:

I have a top and a bottom that will be laced to timtex circles.  Then I still have the side band to do.  I think this will be cute.  Sometimes it is just fun to mess around and try stuff.


  1. Maybe I might need to get this pattern.....

  2. Ack ~ I hate bad instructions!! But these are adorable and very tempting to look up on Etsy. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Very cute. Your stitches are so pretty. I will be watching to see the finish.

  4. What a great project, so pretty.