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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sweet Trip Day Three

We are so excited!  We get to go to Stitchville today!  BFF is driving us around to the places we want to go.  She picks us up at the Not-So Great Inn.  We drive to Ridgedale shopping center and have breakfast at the Panera there.  Then we walk down to Stitchville.

 I have a list of the threads I need.  BFF#2 hasn't been to this location of Stitchville so I know she will be impressed with all the stuff they have.

Nobody is in a hurry, we can shop as long as we want.  (Not like going with DH!)  There is so much to see and so many models on the walls.  I get 5 cuts of linen.  Stitchville's selection is outstanding.  Deb pulls all the threads I'm looking for.

I find all the stuff my little heart desires, and then some.

We have more places to go!  Next is the General Store.  It has some candy that I like.  I end up buying much more than that though.  We are thirsty and decide to get a drink at the cafe there.  But the lunch looks so good.  We'll just get some soup.  But then we see them bring out fresh from the oven pop-overs.  Well, we have to try one of those.

Yum, everything is delicious.
Then BFF takes us to a place she knows I will really like, the biggest candy store in Minnesota.

Wow, you would not believe all the stuff they have there.  155 kinds of rootbeer!

There is candy I remember from my childhood, Fizzies and candy cigarettes. I get some Pop Rocks for Son#1, he'll love those.

See how huge it is?
 They have my rootbeer drops for a great price.  The taffy I like is here.  Chocolate orange peel.  This is hog heaven.  I buy way too much candy but I love it.

It is fun to see the kids in the store.  They are having a blast.

We aren't done yet.  Next is Eagle Creek Quilt Shop.  I always find wonderful fabrics and great ideas here.

 We walk in and are captivated by two quilts on the wall.  Wow.

I can't resist getting the pattern books for these.  Fantastic.
Are we done yet?  Nope.  We are going to the Fabric Outlet.  They have a great selection of dupioni silk that we like to use for finishing smalls.  We get cuts a several different silks and share them.

 The Fabric Outlet is not far from our Not-So-Great Inn so BFF drops us off.  What a day!  It's been the best shopping day ever.
But we aren't done with our day yet.  We go out to dinner with Son#1 and DIL.  They choose a great place, Porterhouse Steak and Seafood.

We have the most delicious dinner with just the best dessert.  We get a humongous piece of carrot cake and an Italian lemon cake and share them.  We are so full it hurts!
We are so exhausted when we get back but we've had the most marvelous day.


  1. Looks like you stopped at some great places.
    Great stash too!
    Have fun!

  2. You were just six blocks away from me! That restaurant is just down the street. Awesome place.

  3. Oh how I miss that wonderful candy store! And all that rootbeer and fresh baked pies. I lived right down the road from there until about 2 years ago. I always meant to go to Stitchville USA, but never did. It's nice to see all of your pics from there.