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Monday, September 21, 2015


I finished Lesson 2 of Amy Mitten's Harmony.  Yeah!
 I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  This walnut lute looks very good.
Harmony's lute is much smaller.  It was challenging to do her hands.  I took a couple of fingers out and tried again.  You aren't going to see those loops at the top and bottom so it will look much better when it is all put together.
At first I didn't like the loops at the end of her fingers.  But after a while, I decided they were her fingernails and were okay.  When you look at them from farther away, they look fine.
Now Lesson Three will be a real challenge.  I'm a bit afraid of it as I have never done Or Nue.  But if anyone can walk me through it, Amy Mitten can.  Knock on wood.


  1. Or Nue is pretty easy. Lots of straight stitches. Be confident!


  2. The Lute looks great, you did a great job on it.