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Friday, September 11, 2015

Sweet Trip Day Five

Goodbye Minneapolis!  We check out of the Not-So-Great Inn and head down to the Depot for breakfast.  We are on our way back home today.  But we are taking a different route.  We want to stop by two places on our way back to staying in Madison tonight.  First is a place we have heard of from Cathy B. She always stops and has a piece of pie at the Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin.  It is a really small town.

 The restaurant is busy.  Across the street from the restaurant is a funny little house that has grass on the roof.
There is a bakery area.

We see so many pies that we don't know what to order - and they are huge!

The waitresses are all dressed in interesting outfits.

They have lingonberrry pies and crepe/pancakes.  I've always wondered what lingonberry tastes like.  They have a Northwoods Rootbeer pie.  I have to try that.  Then the lemon meringue looks so good.  So BFF#2 and I decide to share the lingonberry crepe/pancakes and I get two pieces of pie. ( I really wanted the pumpkin pie too but it was still cooking.) I guess this is going to be our lunch.
The crepe like pancakes are delicious and the lingonberries taste a bit like cranberries.
The Northwoods Rootbeer pie is very good and really tastes like rootbeer.
The lemon meringue is also very good.
We can't eat all this pie but we made a valiant effort.  So we waddle back to the car and continue on to LaCrosse Wisconsin.  We want to stop at Crosse Stitchery.
 We find the store and stop in to see what they have.  The lady working there tells us about the retreat she is going to in October in Cape Cod.  Oh my does that sound like fun.
It is a small shop but they are very friendly and have a nice selection.  I find a couple things.

 I get a laying tool.

 Now I can stitch the Betsy Morgan hobby horse that goes with the Toy Box.
Now we are on to Madison.  We stay at a Best Western hotel and it feels wonderful to have an elevator and really nice big bathrooms.  We feel like princesses.


  1. Well Princess Amy, I too have been to Crosse Stitchery. Nice shop.

  2. The Norske Nook! My favorite place to stop between the Twin Cities and Madison!

  3. I looked on the net at Crosse Stitchery as your laying tool looks lovely and a great price (I need one too) but it looks like they are closing down, so you got there just in time.

  4. All of the bakery looks delicious!
    Glad you got to go to some nice shops along the way.
    If you have time, stop at Lynn's in Madison.
    It's on Odana Road.

  5. Road trips with stitch buddies is just the best