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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kit in the Mail

I'm an away swan.  That means I am a member of the Salt Lake City Swan Sampler Guild.  But I don't live in Utah.  I live far away.  But the Swan Sampler Guild is very thoughtful and will let me sign up for kits even though I can't be there for class.  I signed up for Betsy Morgan's Pioneer Girl.

It is a new design.  I saw Betsy stitching on it when I was at Williamsburg last December. The design is so nifty.

I wanted  to make it so bad.  So now I can.  My kit came in the mail over the weekend.  Now if I didn't have so much other stuff to do, I'd start it.

I started stitching on another Betsy project actually.  I saw Elizabethan Eights on Facebook and was reminded that I have the pattern.

I can make it too.  I just needed the threads and I got those when I was at Stitchville.  I like the Celtic cross border that is done with pearl cotton.  I got the first of eight sides done yesterday.   Ta-dah!

 The next side is a spot sampler design.  I want to work on that today.


  1. These look like beautiful kits!

  2. Thankyou for showing this lovely kit. I love these Etiu`s I must see if I can get this at one of the embroidery shops here. Happy Stitching.

  3. Amy the book etui is fantastic. Does that guild allow members from as far away as I am?