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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mermaid Purse

When I went to Stitchville a couple weeks ago, I got the silk threads I needed to start filling in the Mermaid Purse.  The Mermaid Purse is way easier than the Big Mermaid because you don't have to fill in all the background.  I am making good progress:

I'm not sure I like the mirror reflection.  She looks a little weird.  I changed her expression from a frown to a smile so I am happy with that part.

There is a lot of pink hair.  That is also a bit weird.  But maybe it is the norm for mermaids.
I have to order the purse frame from Lacis.
I actually have one more Sharon Cohen pattern that I want to stitch.  It is called Off With Her Head.  It is a blackwork piece from an Alice in Wonderland illustration.  I got the recommended thread for that when I was at Stitchville.

I saw it recently on ebay for a hundred dollars!  Crazy!
I went walking this morning at the park.  It was so nice and 68 degrees.  Then I went to the Farmer's Market.  We are still waiting for the market to have red delicious apples.  Maybe next week.  I got some Mackintosh apples to make a pie.


  1. Both of your mermaid pieces are looking great!

  2. Great progress on your mermaids. I have the blackwork bag chart too and hope to stitch it one day. Has Sharon retired do you know, you can't get her charts in any of the on line shops any more.