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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I worked a bit on Harmony.  I had three rows done and I did another three rows.

 It is starting to look like something now.  The upper flower will be on Harmony's bodice.

  The flowers at the bottom are her underskirt.

It is starting to take shape.  I have to start another silver thread.  So far it is going well.

I also worked on Off With Her Head.  I'm off a thread here and there but it won't make any difference.  I have almost all of the three figures in.

The background is a flower design.  So I would guess I'm over half done.  It is fun to work on and it is hard to put down.

I've been getting ready to go on The Tour.  Lots of things to take care (letting my credit card company know I'll be using my card in a foreign country) of and buy (I'm a proud new owner of a money belt thingie).  13 days.


  1. One more shopping idea. For charging electronic equipment I have this great little cube that will work in the USA, UK or EU. You'll need it for your iPad.
    Soon, so soon.....

  2. I found your blog a couple of months ago, and really enjoy reading it. Not sure where your tour will take you, but I hope it is all you hope for. Keep blogging! I live in Ireland.