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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Ugly Bird

When I first saw this design, I thought the bird was ugly.  I am a fan of Just Nan but this didn't do anything for me.

That is, until I saw a finished one on FaceBook somewhere.  I thought it was darling and just had to find the pattern.  This is a pattern copyrighted in 2012 so it has been out for a while. I looked for it at Stitchville, no luck finding it.  Then I looked for it on Stitching Bits and Bobs.  It was on sale!  So I ordered it.  BFF#2 thought I was crazy.  She thought it was ugly too.  But she hadn't seen it all stitched up.  I told her she would change her mind when she saw it all done.  So now I am challenged to convince her that it is darling.  It stitched up pretty quickly.  I just used some linen I got at Stitchville.  It is a new color called Antique Lambswool.  I really like the color and wish I had bought a larger piece of it.
I changed it a teeny tiny bit.  I added a few green stitches and made the lettering just a bit more simple.  I decided that what the bird needed was an eye.  Maybe one of the motifs was supposed to look like an eye but I added a purple bead as her eye.
This is how she turned out:

She is supposed to have some tail feathers but I left them off.  I don't think she needs them.
Well BFF#2, what do you think?