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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Two Small Finishes

I have two small finishes to show.  One is a tiny Purple Thread Kit.  I really enjoy these tiny kits the designer puts together.  This one came in a little match box.

There are two designs to choose from.  I decided to do the flower one.

It went together with no trouble.

Then I sewed together the little Frozen purse for Claire.  When I opened the package, I realized that I already had the pattern.

But I love having a kit of all the fabric.  I did manage to mess up the pattern.  You have to cut the outside cover so that when it is folded, you see the head of Elsa or Anna right side up.  I goofed and had to cut it again.  ARGH.  It was an easy stitch and went together with no problem.

 I opted for a button and buttonhole instead of a snap. I want to find some cute things to include in the pockets when I give it to her.
I get to see and talk to Claire today on Facebook.  That is always the highlight of my Sunday.


  1. Just love your wee little kits. I love how you feature an array of different kinds of patterns and your work is so nice.

  2. Your Pin Pal turned out so cute.
    I LOVE Purple Thread kits.
    I have done the Pinwheel.
    The Frozen purse turned out so cute, Claire will love it.