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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sweet Trip Day Two

I was very good in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  I walked the parking lot of the hotel to get some steps in before we went shopping.  The hotel was nice and I would stay there again.  Our first stop was Mill House Quilts.

 I assume it was in an old Mill House.  It was a very nice quilt shop.  Lots of fabric.

 Lots of quilts on display.

They had some DMC on sale.  Lots of wool felt.  I'm not really a quilter but I found I couldn't resist a quilt book.

  I just loved the bright colors of the quilt on the cover of the quilt book.  Then of course, I needed the bright colors of wool.  I got just small cuts of several colors.

 I know what you are thinking, when will I ever get around to making this?  It could happen.
Across the street from Mill House Quilts were some little stores that looked interesting.  One of them was The Makery which was a cupcake place.  The cupcakes looked scrumptous.

I bought three and BFF#2 bought three.  We intend to share them with BFF too.  There were marvelous flavors:  pumpkin spice latte, vanilla bean, S'mores, peanut butter cup, apple cider something.  Since we just had breakfast, we didn't eat any right away.
So on to Madison.  We have a little bit of time to see JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie.  We each eat one of the cupcakes.  Oh, my are they good!  I love the pumpkin one.

Then we are on to the airport to pick up BFF.  Now we are the three musketeers.  BFF wants to go to Country Stitches in Spring Green but we tell her about Mill House Quilts.  She wants to see that too.  I manage to buy some more stuff at Mill House.  There was a cute kit for a Frozen little pocket for Claire.

  Then we go to Country Sampler.
It is a very interesting shop.  It is mainly prim stuff.
There is a very interesting bookstore/coffee shop across the street.
There is a hardware store next to Country Sampler that has everything from bathing suits to Australian Licorice.  BFF tells us not to buy any candy because she is going to take us to this big candy store.
Then we eat a late lunch at a restaurant that is in an old bank.  I take a look at the vault room.

Then is it time to head toward Minneapolis.  It is fun to travel with my BFF's and talk and talk.  It is starting to get dark by the time we get to our hotel.  This hotel is very inexpensive (and worth every penny). The location is good but the bathroom is pretty bad (the door sticks, the toilet leaks, the shower is hard to turn on and it is very small).  We are exhausted by then and the beds are fine.  I can't believe we actually made it.  We are excited for tomorrow and Stitchville!!


  1. Oh my gosh Amy. Where was your hotel?

  2. I've been to Mill House, it's great .
    Yes, it was a grain Mill that the former owners renovated and turned into a quilt shop.
    The little wallet kit looks so cute, Claire will love it.