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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sweet Trip Day Four

What a shopping day we had yesterday!  BFF has to go back to work so it is just BFF#2 and I today.  First up we walk down to The Depot for breakfast.  It is a great place to have breakfast.  They have good coffee and we can get just what we want.  The blueberry muffins are great too.  We are going downtown today.  We are even driving downtown after rush hour is over.  We have GPS so we are set.  First up is a quilt shop called Glad Creations.  We are a little confused as the shop is in a residential area.  We don't have high expections but we are surprized to find a very nice little shop.  This is the sign on the back of their bathroom door:
They have their row by row up on the wall:
 Lots of fabric:

We are really interested in the darling  "How much do I love you"  fabric based on the children's book.  BFF#2 knows an easy child's quilt to make with just 5 half yard cuts of fabric.  Do I get girl or boy colors?  I like the boy colors best but I have a granddaughter.  Who knows what I'll need these for, so I get some of both.

What cute material!  Then I find a very cute coin purse pattern for a monkey, dog or cat.  I have to make one for Claire.

I love my little green applique scissors and the store has a bigger version.  I get a pair.

Now we are on our way to the MIA, Minnesota Institute of Arts.  I want to show BFF#2 the casket and mirror from the 17th century that they have there.  I love that admission is free.  I know that the casket and mirror are on an upper floor.  Here is the view of downtown Minneapolis.

  We look around but can't seem to find them.  We see lots of other interesting sculpture (I love the veiled lady sculpture) and paintings.

  I ask a docent where the casket and mirror are and she says they are in storage.  Storage!  We want to see them!  But as a consolation they have one 17th century embroidery.  It is a very nice one and we take lots of photos.

We also have fun shopping in the museum store.  I am so tempted to buy Claire stuff for Christmas but I really need to wait and see what she needs.

Now we are on our way back to Stitchville.  BFF#2 bought the wrong magazine CD and we have to exchange it.  You don't have to twist my arm to make me go back there.  I find just a couple more things.

We go back to the hotel to look at our stuff and relax.  Then we have a dilema:  fast food or good food?  There is a Culver's next door or we can go to a restaurant I am familiar with, Dolittle's.  We decide we want good food at Dolittle's.  So I invite Son#1 to join us (DIL is out shopping).  So we meet at the restaurant.  I have to say that the walleye fingers were fantastic.  BFF#2 and I just have salads since we sort of over did it last night.  But when it comes to dessert we have to indulge.  Here's mine:

We are leaving in the morning but this trip isn't over yet!

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  1. Looks like a cute quilt shop.
    Claire will love the coin purse.
    That 17th century embroidery is interesting.