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Friday, September 25, 2015

A Finish

I finished the stitching on the Mermaid Purse!  Yeah!  Here is a penny to give you some perspective:

I'll have to see if I have some Dupioni silk to put on the back of it and to line it with.  I'm not entirely happy with her hair as I think the color key was out of whack.  I will put it in my mermaid casket when it is all done.  Now compare my finish to the photo on the chart:

I got just a bit done on Off With Her Head.

I hate getting yelled at so this project reminds me that sometimes people have "issues" and get upset and it's not my problem.  DH tells me that if I care what people think, I am their prisoner forever.  Is that from The Art of War?  Whatever.  You can see that Off With Her Head is going to be bigger than the Mermaid Purse:

Now I need to get back to other projects.  I did manage to locate Gloriana Pacific Blue so now I have no excuse not to work on the Quaker Bag.

I think I am going to get something good in the mail today.


  1. I love your hubby's saying--I'm going to remember that!!!
    Great job on the mermaid purse.

  2. Your mermaid bag looks lovely. The cover picture colours do look more intense but you cannot really go by that, they are often not true to life.

  3. It turned out so nice.
    Great progress on off With her Head.
    Wonder what you got in the mail? ;)