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Saturday, May 31, 2014


A couple of people have asked where I ordered the half dolls.  They are available on a website called  Giulia Punti Antichi has designed probably 12 or so half doll pin cushions.  I ran across a posting that had another source for half dolls but I can't find it again to tell you.  The lady at Brierrose is Elaine and she is very nice to work with.  You have to email her and tell her what you want and what color you would like.  She can bill you through Paypal.  Right now she is swamped since the pin cushion doll has appeared on the front of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly.

 I think a lot of people want to stitch one of these.  On Giulia Punti Antichi's facebook page she shows another new pin cushion doll that she designed.  I want to make one of those too.

I am still waiting for my magazine to arrive!!!
The directions for the doll pin cushion call for Florimell silks.  Does anyone know the difference between regular Gloriana silk floss and the Florimell?  Are they interchangeable?  The only difference I can figure out is that the base silk they start with for the Florimell is Au ver a soie.  Several people want to stitch the SANQ doll along with me which I think will be fun.  We can help each other out along the way with tips and things to watch out for as well as figure out answers to question we might have.

I worked some on Miss Kitty's Pin Cube.  I have three sides done - not counting the beads that need to be put on.  So only three more sides to go.  This is really fun to work on.
I can't believe this is the last day of May.  I'm getting very excited as I go to Salty Yarns this next week.  First off, I'm meeting my BFF and we are going to go to Winterthur and see the Downton Abbey Costumes and the Behind the Scenes Needlework tour.  Then we go to Ocean City and stay right on the boardwalk.  Walking by the ocean in the morning will be wonderful (I'm hoping it doesn't rain!).  We have two classes with Betsy Morgan over three days.  What fun!!  We will see friends there too.  I need to pack.


  1. A srand of Florimell is thicker than a strand of Gloriana.

  2. I will be joining in with the Sal on the SANQ doll. My order is already placed with Elaine at Brierrose!

  3. Sounds like you have an amazing week coming up! Can't wait to hear about the costumes from Downton Abbey, and all the needlework you see. :)

  4. I called a needlework shop and was told that Florimell thread looked more vibrant in color. I did order 1 Florimell silk in Spanish Moss. Just so I will have one and can see the difference between that and a regular silk by Gloriana Threads. Lovely progress on Miss Kitty. You have a great agenda planned for next week. I too can't wait to hear about all the needlework you will see too! love Annette

  5. Hi Amy, I ordered my half doll already by Elaine, and it is on her way to France where I live. Now I'm waiting also for the magazine.
    I love to stitch this lady.

    Have a nice Sunday,

  6. Looking forward to meeting up with you again! Yes, I will be at Salty Yarns next weekend!!