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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Read the Directions

I'm excited when I start a new kit.  I dive right in and think I know exactly how everything goes.  Then later I find that I should have read more carefully.  That's what happened on the Summer Jumble.  I just realized yesterday that I did the first motif, the bee, wrong.  ARGH.  I was supposed to do a specialty stitch on the the bees wings.  After getting so far on it, I would normally just leave it.  But I really like this specialty stitch and so I might go back and take out the wings and redo them.

I finished the third row and am starting the fourth one.  It will be a fun row as I love the heart shape flag.

I finished the scissors rest and decided to try filling it with beads.  I went scrounging for leftover beads and found plenty.  I had some crushed walnuts shells too but went for the beads instead.  What a pain when you spill the beads!!

I started and finished another "Afterthought" for Cottage Conservatory.  It is a scissors fob with a red flower on one side and a yellow flower on the other.  Cute.

Then I started another "Afterthought".  It is a pin cushion done in a "magic square".  All the numbers add up to 15 on each row.  It is a fun stitch but I'm out of geranium Sampler thread.  Rats.  I'll have to go digging and see if I happen to have some.  Otherwise, I'll have to wait till I can get some tomorrow - and keep my fingers crossed that my LNS has some.  Guess what?  There is even one more "Afterthought".
It is a lovely Sunday and everything is greening up.

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  1. My you have been busy! I love the idea of a stitched Magic Square. That really appeals to the mathematician in me. I look forward to seeing your finished Afterthought