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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Last Kit

I'm expecting a box in the mail today.  It is the last kit for the Cabinet of Curiosities class.  The class ended last year but threads were still being made and are now finally ready.  I don't know what is in the box so it will be fun to open it and see what is there.  I love getting stuff in the mail.

I got to my goal of getting (well, most of) the left hill done on Shepherd's Fold.

I got the bee hives done.  It is starting to take shape now.  Today's goal is to work out the flowers that will be on the right hill.  I'm going to look at one of my Drawn Thread pieces and see if I can incorporate those flowers.  Also I want a row of sunflowers up by the house on the top of the hill.  I hope they fit!  I happened across a photo of the next part of this series yesterday.  It is a pin cushion and scissors fob, I think.  I just have the picture to go from so it might be just showing the two sides of the fob or it may be showing two separate items.  I'll have to wait until I get it in the mail to know for sure.

I got the front of the bargello pin cushion almost done.

 I'm thinking I want the back to be different.  I want to put a tulip in the middle with a heart on either side.  I have mixed feelings about this one.  The thread coverage of the background is thin.  You can see the linen through it.   Maybe it is supposed to be that way.  It just looks a little primitive or old.  I'm putting long arm cross stitch around the edge for joining the front and back together instead of nun stitches which I hate.

The Farmer's Market pickings are still a bit slim.  I got a couple of meat pies last week that were delicious so I got some more.  I got an apple pie since it is a holiday weekend.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  I'm still wishing for some snap peas but the asparagus is great.

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  1. Amy, i like your version of Shepherd's bush kit...i'm working on it as well and hope to finish it this evening.
    Have a nice sunday!