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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Good Mail

I always wonder if I'll have anything to share on this blog.  But it seems that something always comes along.  I got the new Just Nan Pin Cube in the mail yesterday.

 Of course I want to start it!  It looks like it will be very cute and small.  I want to do at least one of the cube outlines so I can see how big it will be.
Then I got the next several lessons for the Spring Casket Keepsakes.  Oh No!  I'm not ready!  I have been neglecting this project as the detached buttonhole stitching is daunting.  There is supposed to be (at least) 28 stitches per row.  How I always manage to lose a few along the way, I have no idea.  The next lessons are one's I can do without too much trouble.  I can make that pouch and I can do the finger looping to make the drawstring.  Oh man, I need to get busy on this project.  Maybe if I finish up a couple things, my mind will be ready to concentrate.

I got half of the bower done on Shepherd's Fold.

 I'm making it up as I go along and keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out.  So far, so good.  I'm almost done with this one!

I got the bargello pin cushion, Night and Day, all done.  Yeah!

I worked a bit on There's a Bird on the Roof.

 I can finish this up today.
I'm having too much fun.


  1. WOW you are sooo great at getting your projects completed. Bargello pincushion is beautiful... Lovely new chart and I know you will get back to your Spring Casket too! love Annette
    ps got the doll all ordered:) and the threads have been shopped out from Utah. I'm in California. just waiting.

  2. Love the kitty pincube.
    The Bargello turned out so pretty.
    You are really going to town on The Fold!
    Bird is cute also.