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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Fantastic Day - Part Three

I am just in a daze from all I have seen as we leave Janet's house.  But we are in a heap of trouble.  I don't have my fancy new expensive Stitchville readers, Matilda (GPS) doesn't recognize our hostess's address and I need to find her phone number.   BFF stops by the hotel to check and see if anyone has found my readers.  While she is inside I dig around in the car looking everywhere and then I spot them.  They have slipped between the seat and the console.  I'm not even sure I can squeeze my hand down to get them.  Yeah!!! I get them.  I can read!

Someone up there likes me because I hear my phone ring.  That alone is providential.  I usually don't have my phone on.  I usually don't hear it when it rings.  I usually don't find it in time to answer it.  It is our hostess Nancy.  I imagine she is thinking "Where the hell are you guys?"  The stitch in starts at 10. (I have no idea what time it is) In my mind it is a casual drop in where people come and go.  Maybe we were supposed to be there at 10.   Our hostess is concerned about us as she knew we planned on being there.  I'm so glad she called.  She gives us directions on how to get to her house.  We are driving along and seeing subdivision after subdivision of humongous houses.  What is the industry that supports all this affluence?  I call Nancy back as we aren't clear on what to do next.  There are tons of roundabouts here.  Nancy talks us to her house.  Thank goodness she is a patient person.  She has the most beautiful home.

We decide our cookies should just be left in the car as the luncheon has fancy cupcakes that will celebrate Nancy's birthday which just happens to be today.
It is so fun to see Nancy's curio cabinets.

 She has a table full of the designer's projects.  Wow, she is a fantastic stitcher.  She even has the Edinburg reticule done that BFF and I are going to make in June.  We know several people here.  Cathy and Chris from Minnesota.  Shelley from Illinois.  Another lady from Spring Fling.  We meet some new friends at our table, Tamara and Sally.  We meet our hostess Nancy for the first time.  Of course the designer is there.  We have missed the presentation of the special project she designed for us to work on today but it is pretty self explanatory.  The designer shows us her new sampler and some other things she has just designed.  Wow.
Time to relax and stitch.  I'm am all hepped up from our day so it is hard to calm down and stitch.
We have a very nice lunch.  Nancy is the best hostess.  I am so glad that the designer doesn't mind if we change something in the design and encourages us to make it our own.  The people from the area are so nice.  It would be great to have friends that live nearby and like to stitch too.  I'd love to be part of the Indiana group.  I want to look just like Molly and wear a pretty pink sweater with roses on it.
We have a great afternoon talking and stitching.
It is time to drive back to the hotel.  We are sort of getting our bearings and manage to get back without a lot of trouble.  We eat at the hotel even though we aren't very hungry since we've been well fed today.
I have a movie on my Ipad.  I rented Blue Jasmine on itunes for only 99 cents.  So we watch that as we stitch.  I finish binding Dylan's quilt.  This has been one fantastic day.

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  1. Wow, it sounds like you are living a stitcher's dream!
    Glad you had a great time.