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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cottage Conservatory Class

How can it be Sunday so soon (on my trip)?  I go walking again before breakfast.  I have to pack up and check out this morning. We set out to drive to the Fire Station.  Uh-oh.  A problem.  The traffic is all backed up and police are there.  Has there been an accident?  So we turn around and try a different street.  Police are there too.  It turns out there is a bicycle race.  We finally make it across.  Are we going to be late again??  Well, at least we aren't the last ones to arrive.  But we definitely have a well earned reputation for being late.
Tamara, that we just met on Friday, has a present for us.  She has brought four wooden cookie molds that she doesn't want anymore.  They are great.  I quick grab the fish one.

I hope BFF doesn't mind that I took this one before she even had a chance to look at it.  See how nice the Indiana ladies are?
We are going to stitch Cottage Conservatory.

Oh, joy, another kit!  I love this design.  I have ideas about how I want to do this.  But first we have to baste.
I forgot to tell you yesterday that we had the opportunity to buy "afterthoughts".  Afterthoughts are smalls that the designer has come up with that go with the main design.  I love smalls!  I love this designers designs.  I have stitched a few that are offered already.  I got them from round robins at Celebrations.  So I buy all the ones I don't have.  Fun!

I saw this photo of a window on the internet somewhere.  There looks to be stained glass in the window.  That's what I want to add to the design.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do that.  We'll see.
This designer is going to come back in November and teach two more classes that I haven't had.  Even though the class is a week before I go to Arizona, I will be there with bells on.  She is going to teach the new sampler and Summerfield Smalls.  I feel confident that I can drive down now that I've done it.
It is lunchtime before we know it.  I don't have much done and we have to leave early.  BFF has to go to the airport at 1:30.  The designer is quick after lunch to hand out all the rest of our kit stuff and to explain the finishing to us.  Then bam! we have to go.
The nerve wracking part is driving to the airport (on an eight lane road) that is sort-of far away.  Thankfully BFF drives herself to the airport.  I just have to pay attention because I have to drive back and then home.
I manage to get back on the detoured highway.  It is a very long drive but I make it home just fine.  What a marvelous trip this has been!  I don't have much time to contemplate once I get home as I have to get ready to celebrate Dylan's birthday that is the next day.  But at least the quilt is done and I can give it to him.  I hope he likes it.


  1. An exciting time for you. Glad you enjoyed yourself.