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Monday, May 5, 2014

Just a Bit

I have just a bit of stitching to show you.  I got the pre-stitching for classes BFF and I are taking next month at Salty Yarns.  We've never been to that shop.  It is right on the boardwalk.  It will be like a vacation with stitching - the best kind of vacation.
The pre-stitching is just a small project that we will finish off in class, learning the techniques to use on the larger project.  It is nice to have a quick one (or two!) night project.  This is going to be a crown pin cushion (I think).   I only changed the color of one jewel.

This is a needle book cover (I think).  I added just a bit to the leaves on the thistle.  This isn't quite done.

I have  something really neat to show you tomorrow.


  1. You are going to one of my favorite places. I can't wait to read your posts.

  2. Can't wait to see what you do at Salty Yarns.
    Great progress on your pre-stitching.

  3. Can't wait to see what your pre-stitching turns in to.