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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One Blue Flower

I still can't put Cottage Conservatory down.  I finished off most of the flap.  The sunflowers behind the window are all in.

I'm debating whether to extend the lines of stained glass across the top.  The plain circles look a little barren.

Then I put in one blue flower just to see how it looks.

I think I would like to use a different color blue.  One that is more intense.  But I'm not sure.  I messed up the pattern as this really is the side flower that I put in the middle.  But no one will notice when I get it all done.  The leaves overlap differently that's all.  I'd like to get the other two blue flowers stitched today.
I have to graph out what I want to do for my initials. Actually, I would like to put my name on what will be the bottom of this envelope.  So what to do between the blue flowers?  I'd like to put geraniums like are on the front but in a different color as though they are pansies or something in a lilac color.  I'm still thinking. . .

The internet is a wonderful thing.  You can look up anything.  You can watch a video on how to bind a quilt.  You can find a Polish embroidery book published in 1955.  You can read how to sharpen your dull knives.  I'm actually waiting for the embroidery book to come in the mail today.  Please Mr. Mailman bring me something fun.


  1. WOW your cottage piece is so beautiful! You are such a fast stitcher!
    Hope you got your book today. love Annette

  2. Your WIP is looking beautiful.