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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nearly Done

I am nearly done with the Cottage Conservatory.  I'd like to finish-finish it today into it's little valise.  It has been fun to stitch.

I put in African Violets between the blue flowers.

I got good mail yesterday.  The Drawn Thread kits I ordered just last Thursday arrived.  Yeah!  But you know what that means - I was tempted to start something new.  I just put in the little bee that is in the corner of Summer Jumble.

I think it would be fun to just put in one square a day.  So I might just put in the "S" square today.  There is less than a square inch of stitching in each square.  It could be done in no time.  This is a fun stitch too.

I had my last time with Dylan yesterday.  Children grow up and get older.  I wish him the best.

I got two humps done on the second petal of the carnation.

 Annette was very kind when she said it looked good.  I wear my fancy pants glasses to be able to see each stitch and therefore not accidentally skip one.

Tessa asked about the floral alphabet that I got my "A" from.

There isn't a floral alphabet.  I am a great admirer of C.A. Wells designs.  On one of her designs she put  a C and A on top of each other.

I loved the A that has a tulip in the center and use that as my initial on many needlework projects.  A clever person could design an alphabet that uses a tulip or flower with each letter I suppose.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Amy
    Can't wait to see your Conservatory "in person"!
    I am too busy to start my spring casket accessories , oh my what a job that is!
    It is always sad to say goodbye but I am sure Dylan will treasure many wonderful memories and so will you of course.