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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Working the Numbers

I have redoubled my efforts to get the Spring Casket Keepsakes up to speed.  It took 2 1/2 hours to couch down the next carnation petal.

 There are somewhere around 100 rows of detached buttonhole stitch on it.  I'm going to time myself and see how many rows I can get done in, say, half an hour or an hour.  I kind of get sick of it after a bit and have to take a break though.

I got my name stitched on the bottom of Cottage Conservatory.

  Then I worked to get the top done too.  The goal for today is the figure out and stitch those two little pots on the back.  Since I have my name on the bottom, I don't need to make topiaries of my initials as in the model.  I'll probably opt for something simple.  I am so close to having this finished.  I'd love to put it together.

I see Dylan for the last time tomorrow.  He wants pizza and a smoothie.  So why not?
I was thrilled to see a photo of the birth announcement hanging in the grandnephew's room.
I can't wait to see Claire on Facetime.

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  1. WOW both pieces are stunning. I looked up detached buttonhole stitch and your stitches are beautiful. love Annette