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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The internet is a wonderful thing.  Oh the things you can see!  I get the newsletter from The Country Bumpkin in Australia once a week on Saturdays.  It is always fun to see what they are cooking up for coming issues of Inspirations Magazine.  It is too expensive to order stuff from Australia (the shipping is astronomical)  but it is fun to look.  Last week I downloaded the brochure to the Beating Around the Bush event that The Country Bumpkin sponsors.  Oh to take classes by these teachers.  A couple were from the US.  I get to take two classes in two weeks from Betsy Morgan.  Cool.  Then I saw one of my favorite designers, Jenny Adin-Christie is teaching.  Be still my heart.  She is teaching a gorgeous pin shaped like a butterfly.  I want to take that class.  I have made two of her pins already and I love them.

I have a confession:  one of them went through the wash - and survived!
 Beating Around the Bush is in September in Australia.  Maybe later this year Jenny would have some extra kits.  Maybe I could buy one.  I'll email her and ask.  Guess what?  She emailed back and has some kits!  There are two colors, shamrock and aqua.

 I'd like one aqua pin kit please.  The internet is so cool.

I finished the magic square.

 It was a bit fiddly to put together but I like it.  I started the last Afterthought which is a little tag with a cat on it.  I'm not really a cat person but I wanted to finish all the parts of the Afterthoughts.


  1. That is soo cool that you got a response regarding the beautiful kit. I can't even begin to understand the stitching involved but it sure looks amazing.
    Love your magic square!!! love Annette

  2. The internet is wonderful! So glad you're able to get the kit you want - it's an amazing project.