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Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Shopping

Again, I say, the internet is a wonderful thing.  Especially if you are looking to spend money.  I keep an eye on ebay sales of cross stitch stuff.  I get newsletters from several shops.  I even checkout a Facebook page on the Annie's Williamsburg retreat that is going to be in December.  I am signed up for this retreat.  (Lucky me!)  Then I happened to click over to a Facebook page for needlework designer Giulia Punti Antichi.  She posted a photo of the newest issue of Sampler and Needlework Quarterly as it has one of her designs on the front.

 Oh, I've been wanting to make one of those half doll pin cushions.  I haven't gotten my copy of the magazine yet.  (I think subscribers ought to get their copies before the shops do, but that's a whole other discussion).  Anyway, I was tempted.  Then in the latest newsletter from the Attic, they said they were going to put together a kit of the linen, threads and other stuff needed to make this half doll.  Oh boy, I'm a goner.  I knew that Brier Rose makes the half dolls.  There will probably be a run on the dolls when people get their copy of the magazine.  So I ordered two half dolls.  The one I have been wanting to make for a while, a small Dutch doll, and the magazine one but in in the colors I want (blue).  It will take a while to get here.  But  in the meantime I'm looking for my magazine any day now.
When I checked back on the page, there was yet again another half doll design posted.  Oh, I like that one too!   There is also a little mini chatelaine that goes at the doll's waist.  How cute!

I finished the last little tag from the Cottage Conservatory "Afterthoughts".

I followed the chart but I don't know why there is a disembodied stitch.  Is it a paw?
Then I went looking for some gold metal thread so I could get back to working on Hampton Court.  I didn't find it yet but I ran across two more kits from my trip to Indy.  Yes, I started one.

 It is very fun to do bargello.  (It is also very frustrating when you mess it up).  It has tulips on it.  Cool.


  1. The dolls are really neat. I am always intrigued by what you are stitching and how fast you complete projects.

    Barbara on OKC

  2. The dolls really do look tempting. I get my Sampler and Antique Needlework as a digital version - perhaps that would be quicker for you.

  3. I'm liking the dolls, too :) I agree on getting the magazines before the shops. I think it used to be that way but I've noticed the trend with all the magazines I get (cooking, home decor, etc). I keep seeing them on the newsstand and thinking "oh, I like the look of that cover, but wait, I get that magazine, why don't I have that copy yet?!"

  4. I'm loving that pincushion doll as well and have ordered one of the half dolls too! Can't wait to get started :)

  5. I love those dolls too.
    The Dutch one is beautiful!

  6. Okay this post of yours got me ordering today! Yep I have my issue of SAN and I ordered today: 3 Gloriana Threads but in silk not the Florimell silk (123stitch), and the 7mm silk ribbon from Hedgehog. I already have the duponi olive silk. So the rest of the threads I plan to use are DMC. Last I need to order is the porcelain doll. OH how you got me going and I had lots of fun. Not ready to stitch yet just gathering my supplies. The Dutch one your plan to make is so beautiful. I'm going to try this one first. You have to know that I'm not usually crazy about dolls but this one and her colours are stunning. Had to share with you. love Annette