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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer's Over

Well it seems like I still can't get things together on Mondays even when I don't go see Dylan.  So onto  today.  

I got Summer Jumble all done!  I even went back and fixed the bee's wings.

 I discovered another mistake but I'm letting it go.
Then I discovered Spring Jumble that I stitched a while back. Isn't it sweet?

 I'm wondering if I can frame them back to back so I can just turn it around for the right season.

Luckily my LNS has some Sampler Thread  in Geranium so I was able to finish the front of the magic square and start the back.

Then I picked up Shepherd's Fold box top and decided that I wanted to do some of the green background.
I'm changing this a bit as I go along.  The basket of flowers that is bigger than the house is bugging me so I may move where it is placed and try to make it smaller.

My BFF is tempting me with new classes.  There are more classes to take than I can ever go to and it's driving me crazy.  Ahh, self control, that's what I need.  I've had about as much self control as I can take this week.  There is no candy in my sewing room.  None.  You don't know how remarkable that is.  We'll see how long it lasts.


  1. Hi Amy,

    Your stitching is beautiful. Love your finishes. Curious question though...who is the designer of the magic square pincushion? looks like it is a fun stitch...thank you.

  2. Those Jumbles are too cute.
    Great progress on the Fold, and the magic square is interesting.

  3. Love the Jumbles. Great progress on the Fold.