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Sunday, June 1, 2014

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I am making good progress on Miss Kitty's Pin Cube.  I have almost completed the center square that will become the top of the Pin Cube.  It is the hardest, well, most work intensive square.  The rest is easy.

Then I stitched a bit on the Shepherd's Fold Fob.

 I tried doing an over one version as well as a regular version.  Then of course, I changed the bird.  I just loved the bird on the Spring Jumble and it is very close in size to the blackbird on the fob.  So I switched them.  This means my "home" doesn't fit.  But that's okay.  I turned "my" into "Amy".  Now it is personalized.  I'm pretty close to having the front done.  I think I want to change the flower on the back to one of my sunflowers.  We'll see.

There is going to be a limited edition kit from Silver Needle designed by Just Nan.

I love it!  It is Lindy's House.  It won't come out until late July but I've put my name down for one.

Now I have procrastinated long enough!! Time to get back to working on the Spring Casket Keepsakes.  I want to finish them before the Summer ones come out on June 21.  I started working on the pouch that will be inside the carnation.

I am 5 humps (out of 8) on the detached buttonhole of the second petal.  Someone said that she found it relaxing to do the detached buttonhole.  "How is that possible?", I thought.  Then I decided I need to work on my attitude.  Maybe I'll do better just repeating to myself over and over, "This is relaxing"..


  1. You are too funny! Your petals or your buttonhole stitches look amazing to me. WOW you sure got lots done on "Here Kitty Kitty" (I still laugh about that so every time I see this design since then I crack up).
    love Annette
    ps I did go check out SN Just Nan.....hmmmmm sigh...

  2. Over one stitching is precious. Love the bird also.