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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I am almost finished with the Edinburgh Reticule.

Just a few more stitches and a couple of hedebos and a tassel.  This turned out nicely and I like it.  I am happy I got all the parts finished too.  Usually there is one or two pieces that I will do "later" (as in never).
The next three things I want to work on are the Summer Casket Butterfly, Hampton Court (do I even remember where I was on this?) and the Giulia half doll.  Of course there are 14 other things I would like to work on too.
Francesca asked me if the directions come with the beetle I ordered.  The answer is I don't know.  There is an app that you are supposed to download from itunes.  So I downloaded it.  What do I do now?  It seems to have only a pencil sketch of the beetle's wings and points for the legs.  I don't know how to print it out or what size it is supposed to be. There is also something about an in app purchase for the beetle.  Will I have to buy the directions?   I will wait and see if more information comes with the kit.  I think I may learn a lot when I make Amy Mitten's beetle. Her beetle holds a thimble. I may try to make the kit like Amy's.  We'll see.

My BFF washed her Shepherd's Fold linen with Rit Dye Remover to see what happened.  So I tossed my in the washer to see if just washing it evened out the color.  It improved the splotchiness a little.  DH thought it was a rag and put it in the rag pile.


  1. Congratulations on all you are getting done. Are you sure you sleep? Your work is fabulous and your finishes are even more so. Keep to get inspiration from your blog.

  2. I did a google image search for you beetle yesterday and saw it being offered as a class. When I later read the rest of you post and saw that you'd found a kit for it I just figured it was 2 separate things. Do you think it is supposed to be part of a class?? Laura

  3. Looking good, Amy! See you on Saturday.

  4. About the beetle kit, I also think the kit is for sale for the class and probably there are no insructions in. The whole thing doesn't look so difficult to make and here there are good photos to look at:
    only we will need to guess the size !