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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Salty Trip - Day Two and a Half

This is the back door of the Lankford Hotel from the parking lot.
The Lankford Hotel was built by Sally's Aunt Mary in 1924.  It is an old hotel.  The boardwalk has many newer high rise hotels and looks a lot like what we saw in Virginia Beach.  But the Lankford is special.  We walk down the well worn wooden floors of the hall to the lobby and we see the view out the front doors.  The ocean!

It is wonderful.  We hear the slap of the sturdy screen doors as they close. (Reminds me of the house I grew up in)  The air here is clear and cool.  The girls working at the front desk are perfect for the job.  A ready smile,  helpful, open and friendly.  They are patient with me when I don't understand why BFF has a room number and I have a named room.  Our rooms are up on the second floor.  The girls help us get our suitcases up there.  My room is the SeaHawk.  It is not just a room.  It is a suite, an apartment.

 I have two bedrooms, a living room area and kitchenette.  Not only that, I have a porch with a view of the ocean.

How did I get so lucky??  Now I understand.  A named room is a suite.  Man, I could live here.
BFF and I walk down the boardwalk to get the lay of the land and to find something to eat.  We see Salty Yarns, the needlework store that is part of the hotel.  I try the door but it is locked.  I didn't know that it really was open to us through the secret passageway.  We pass about 5 candy stores.  Uh-oh, I'm in trouble.  I can't resist and buy some taffy and dark chocolate covered orange peel.  We decide to try a pizza place recommended by the front desk girls, Piezano's. They have nice thin crust pizza and it sure hits the spot.  We are exhausted from our day at Winterthur and the drive down.  We see someone who looks familiar (Paula).  Then Grace stops by to see me and we meet her friend Ginny.  We are among other stitch crazy people.  I love it!
We go down the hall to check out the second floor porch and look at the ocean.  Then we run into another friend, Stasi.  Stasi and I make plans to go walking early in the morning.  Stasi has a Fitbit also.
Class starts at 9 tomorrow.  Everybody is excited.  BFF and I have never had a class with Betsy Morgan.
More tomorrow . . .


  1. How incredible that the hotel and needlestore are all right there! Knowing that the store is right there: either I wouldn't be able to sleep or I would have very pleasant dreams of shopping -LOL.
    And your view is amazing. LOVE how you got to run into friends there.
    love Annette ps my doll came in!! LOVE IT!

  2. Amy, I know exactly what you mean when you say you could live there. I feel the same way each and every time I stay there.