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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Salty Trip - Day Five

It is another gorgeous day at the beach.  Today Stasi and Paola are ready to walk.  First we go left to the end.  At the end of the boardwalk there is a spot to touch.

I think the sign doesn't make sense,  You're should be You've, but whatever.  A lady on a bicycle offers to take our picture.
Then we walk all the way down to the other end.  Here is the view at the other end.  There is another spot to touch at this end.
Paola shows me the store where she got her mermaid necklace but it's not open at 7:30 in the morning.  Then Stasi wants to stop at The Fractured Prune.  She offers to buy us a donut.  It is so fun to see them making the donut and icing it right there in the window.

Here I am with my donut iced with caramel and mini chocolate chips.
Our donuts are hot and we have to let them cool for a minute before we can eat them.  I have never had such a delicious tender donut.  Fabulous!  I actually looked up to see if there were any locations near near where I live so I could get another one of these donuts.  
Our class today is the Edinburgh Reticule.
We are in Sara's living room today.  We learn how to make a tassel.  It's easy!  We make lots of twisted cording.  Grace and I work together on this.  I learn a new technique for making twisted cording.  Grace has a great sense of when we've done enough twisting.  We are finishing off the pre-stitching into a needle book.  We learn a new binding technique with ribbon for the spine of the needlebook.  This project is much easier than the Etui.  

We are done around 2:30.  Last chance for shopping and time to pay for our stuff.  
Time to check out of our rooms.
Time to load up the car and head back to Baltimore.
We get a chance to talk to Sally.  I've been wanting to see her Welsh Cottage.  She has it with her so it is great to see it in person.  What a lot of work it is!  Wow.  I want to make one.  Stasi gives me Moss Creek's email address so I can see if I can get one.  

We could talk to Sally all day.  But we have to leave.  I get the idea that getting over the Bay Bridge is a big deal.  Google says it is a two hour trip.  But traffic can change that.  It is a bit convoluted to get to the Bay Bridge. (We think Matilda is lost again!)  Stop and go traffic is awful.  No wonder people fly into Salisbury.  Next time I come I will fly into Salisbury too.  It takes us four hours to get back to Baltimore.  Our plane leaves in the morning.
I am sad that our trip is over.  Next time  - and there will be a next time - I will add at least two days to a trip to Ocean City and the Lankford.  I barely had a chance to sit on my (or Sally's) porch.  I want to have a Fractured Prune donut everyday.  I want to leisurely shop at Salty Yarns.  I still want a mermaid necklace like Paola's.  
I had a great time, a really great time.


  1. It was so lovely to meet up with you again Amy, we had such a fun time!

  2. I really enjoyed traveling via blog with you to Salty Yarns and Winterthur. You've inspired me to take a class out there as soon as possible. I am stitching Rae Iversons Welsh Cottage and I am really enjoying it. I think her designs are beautiful and not too hard to put together.

  3. HI Amy,

    I enjoyed chatting with you last weekend at Salty Yarns. It was such a fun weekend! Your show and tell was one of the highlights! Your photos have captured the weekend wonderfully.

    I will be following your progess on the class pieces, and I hope to see you at more stitching events, Margaret

  4. Amy,

    It's been fun reading your account of your visit to Salty Yarns/Lankford Hotel. I too am still "dreaming" about the donut!!! Hope to see you again!

  5. I'm curious about the Welsh Cottage, is there a pic somewhere?