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Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Stuff

I worked on lots of little stuff from the Spring Casket Keepsakes.  There were some lessons I knew I could get done without too much trouble.
I got the pouch that will hold the thread winder all done.  It is ingenious how the edge will hold the drawstring.  I am very happy with it.

Then I spent a some time looking for the plastic bag that had the tape measure in it.  I went through the laundry basket of shame and surprised myself with many things I've been meaning to make.  I finally found the bag and was able to make that do-hickey on the end.

Then came the finger loop braiding.  I made one drawstring and it turned out pretty well.  Some parts are more tightly woven than other parts. and there is one place I hope stays hidden.  Otherwise, it turned out fine.  I still have one more drawstring to make.

Then I got really brave and put the calyx's together.  You have to really trust your directions when it says to cut one-eighth of an inch away from the stitching.  I could see this going very bad very easily.  But all is well!  I was able to cut them out with my handy-dandy applique scissors (first time I've used them).  Then you had to clip down to the stitching.  But look, they turned out!
They really are quite small.  And, yes, they are done in different colors of floss.  Am I wild and crazy or what?
So now that's like four lessons I got done.  Now back to the wretched detached buttonhole stuff.


  1. I'm fascinated with all the different stitching you've been doing - WOW!
    All looks great:) love Annette

  2. the Calyx's turned out really cute, and the end of the tape measure too.
    I love seeing your progress - you are such a good stitcher :)